What Works Horsemanship is about helping horses and humans find the right connection to understand each other and create a fun, enjoyable partnership. Working with horses is my passion in life.  My goals with all my personal horses are to make them well rounded citizens in the horse world able to participate in any discipline and go wherever our hearts desire.  My livelihood comes from the film industry in which I’ve worked for over 30 years as an assistant director.  My guidance comes from a continuing journey of 37 years of horse ownership & 27 years of horsemanship learning and training.  I have been very fortunate over this time to learn from a myriad of wonderfully talented horsemen & women in various disciplines.  I take away from every lesson & clinic all that resonates with me and my herd.  Not every method works for every person or horse and to follow someone’s mechanics of horsemanship without understanding the psychology, feel & energy behind it confuses the horse & doesn’t always work for the human.  I learn from every interaction I have with horses & their humans and cherish anyone willing to allow me to advice them along their journey.  
Lets find what works,